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I am looking for a copy of this old booklet, with uses and remedies made for a - Exercise & Fitness question. A: I think I have it! There was a date on the cover that was different from what you have. It also had some yellowed pages. I think this one matches the requirements, but there were lots of copies for sale as part of the book collection at sale.co.za, and these were even up to a R$100 price, so I doubt you're going to get one for free. TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Nick Saban's wife might be sick but she's not dropping out of the BCS championship game. Saban met with members of the media at his office Wednesday afternoon and his wife was in the room but Saban would not speak about her condition. "I'm not going to talk about anything about my wife," Saban said. "I'm not going to talk about my kids or anything. I'm not going to talk about anything personal about me. I have nothing to say." Saban also told reporters that he was not going to break down the game on Wednesday. "I'm not going to make any predictions, none of that," Saban said. "We'll be ready to play when we go on the field on Saturday. We'll be focused on this game. We'll be ready to go." Saban said that the players, including the team captains, still haven't been told anything about the incident that took place Sunday night. Auburn coach Gus Malzahn would not comment on the situation. He said the team is just getting up and coming together for the game. "I'm not going to make any comments, because there's nothing to say," Malzahn said. "The players are focused on this game. The media is focused on this game. We're going to prepare like we always prepare, like we have the last five games. We're going to prepare like we've been preparing and we're going to do our best on Saturday."Gaming machines, such as slot machines, video poker machines and the like, have been a cornerstone of the gaming industry for several years. Generally, the popularity of such machines with players is dependent on the likelihood (or perceived likelihood) of winning money at the machine and the intrinsic entertainment value of the machine relative to other available gaming options. Where the available